You're perfect as you are,
but your branding could use a spin!

1. Throw In Ideas

Decide what goes in to your digital brand. Just throw it all in to the machine, don't worry about layout.

2. Watch It Spin...

The generative engine creates endless variations of looks & content: business cards, social media images.

3. Pick Your Outputs!

You choose what to take out of the machine. What fits your digital image best? Then post it online or print it!

Generative Visuals

The engine behind Brand-o-Mat™ produces unique outputs every time — custom generated per pixel for every place and every moment. We call this a “generative brand” that always adapts to its context.

Reinvent Yourself

A great brand will reflect you as you change and grow. Rather than use big data that keeps you in a filter bubble, Brand-o-Mat™ provides you tools to introspect and advice to express yourself...

Effortless Creativity

Once you find the right voice for you, you'll start jamming on a daily basis. Brand-o-Mat™ assists you with mechanical tasks so you can focus on being you with style & substance!

What friends are saying...

Denis R.

“Custom-crafted assets from an online tool. This is totally a game changer!”

Petra P.

“My time is precious, so if I can design my visual identity with ease I'm sold! Briliant.”

Your Name Here?

“I can't afford to hire a brand consultant. Maybe this tool is the answer for me?”

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